Tilde LIVE @ Pustervik 24th May

Tilde will be playing LIVE @ Pustervik 24th of May, in Gothenburg, together with Anders Enda Barnet and Henning.

Tickets available at:


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New single Are You Willing is out!!!

So, my new single Are You Willing is out!!! Thank you all so much for the amazing support! From now on a new single will be released EVERY Friday until the album is released on the 28th of September! So exciting. Stay tuned and stay blessed. Haha, that sounded really cheezy. Anyway.. <3





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So this is happening!!! My debut album will be released on the 28th of September and I can´t wait to share it with you<3 Its a collection of songs that all have a special place in my heart. The vinyl is  available for pre-orders and soon there will be a CD option as well.

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Live @eastfm

Have you seen when we performed live at East fm before we played at "Where´s the music" festival? It was the first time I sang "I Think I Made You Up In My Head" and I was sick in mononucleosis ( the worst) and I hadn´t been able to talk for days before so to say I was nervous about how it was gonna go, is an understatement. Anyway, here it is. 

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Album coming together

Cant believe that my album is finished. These past months have been so much fun and I cant wait to share the result from all the work at Spinroad studios.

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Behind the scenes video shoot for "Our Day Wont Come"

Soon the video for the song "Our day wont come" will be released. Here is a sneek peak from when we shot the video in Barcelona.

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